Marquee Types

Because one size doesn’t fit all and we are all unique. Search below through the various options we have available to find the right fit, or cover, for you and your special event.

So we have personality types, different types of events, different types of music and tastes well their are also different marquee types so that your personality, music and event can have the look and feel you want.

Party Tent (Free Standing)

Our ‘Party Tent’ is a basic white freestanding frame marquee which can go on any surface as it need not be pegged down unless threatening weather conditions prevail.

This marquee is suitable for most functions except the poshest like weddings etc. This straight-eaved structure is the marquee of choice for less formal parties and exhibitions.

The Party tent comes standard with translucent sides matching the roof. Window and coloured striped sides can be ordered as an optional extra upgrade. The roof always remains white. These marquees range from 3m – 12m wide.

‘Chateau’ (Block-Out) Range

Our elegant ‘Chateau’ (Block-Out) range is also a freestanding frame structure but with elegant touches. The material used is a white quality Block-Out PVC material which means it does not allow sunlight in through the roof sections. The sides are still translucent white PVC which do allow just the right amount of light in for a daytime function.

This marquee type is suitable for audio-visual presentations by creating the right light level for projectors and screens in daylight. The design of the marquee is more elegant with arched eaves and windowed sides to compliment the classiest functions like weddings. These marquees range from 3 – 12m wide.

Peg & Pole Marquees

Our ‘Big Space’ ranges of marquees are traditional peg and pole type marquees. They range from 15 to 24m wide and can accommodate thousands of people.

Also in white PVC, these marquees come standard with translucent sides but can be upgraded with coloured stripe and windowed sides to suit the feel of the function as well as your budget. Naturally they can only be erected on unsealed surfaces like grass.

*All marquee types can be fitted with flooring and draping. Just ask your consultant for a picture and a quote.

*All marquees are modular which means that units can be added on in typical increments of 6m. We will always quote the minimum size you can get away with to accommodate your requirements but if you feel you might need a bit more space for any additional activity in the marquee, please enquire with your consultant.

‘Bedouin’ (Stretch Tents) Range

Our ‘Bedouin’ Range of Stretch tents are manufactured with the latest stretch tent technology in 100% waterproof ‘Contour” Fabric. We carry stock of pristine ‘white’ or ‘Chino’ beige tents.

These stretch tents are very lightweight and versatile, being able to accommodate a large variety of aesthetically pleasing shapes and sizes. They do not come with sides but the roof can be stretched and pegged down in certain applications creating a barrier from weather or blocking off unwanted external features.

They do require some space for pegging in but often existing fixtures such as balustrades or lamp posts can be utilized if and as necessary. Our sizes range from 6 – 18m wide. Our “Bedouin” Stretch tents represent the ultimate in aesthetics with flexible functionality.

As with our Marquees, these tents can be fitted with flooring and draping to suit the most exquisite, upmarket functions imaginable.

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